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You can send 50 e-readers with 100 e-books each to a school in Kenya.
That’s the equivalent of a library with 5,000 books!

Schools that need books:
These unique projects are ready for funding. Your $15,000 donation covers the costs of e-readers, e-books, customs and shipping fees, logistical support in the U.S. and Africa, and more. It would cost more than 3 times that if you tried to do it alone.

Kombeni Girls Secondary School

Mombasa, Kenya

Located 35 miles Northeast of Mombasa, Kenya, Kombeni Girls Secondary School is a public school of 838 students and 40 teachers.

The school’s mission is “to empower a girl child with a quality education for self-reliance and to meet the challenges of life.” However, the school lacks a library, and the high cost of textbooks has severely limited access to diverse and appropriate reading materials needed for the school to succeed in their mission.

The all-female student body is aged 12 – 18, with lessons taught primarily in English. Kombeni Girls Secondary School seeks to give these girls the best chance for success in life and hopes that a BLUE Box will be a transformative program that will make this achievable.

Sifa Junior Academy

Mombasa, Kenya

Sifa Junior Academy is a small private school in Mombasa, Kenya of 250 students, aged 6 – 12.

Although it has a small private library, the school lacks the necessary books (particularly books written in Kiswahili and English) to support their students, making their mission of “molding and preparing all pupils to become responsible citizens in the future” a difficult one to accomplish.

One particular class trip introduced the students to the power of a digital library: they visited a neighboring library that is already part of a Worldreader program, giving the students the chance to experience e-reader technology for themselves. Since then, the students have strongly desired to have a BLUE Box program of their own. With your support, this can be possible.

Chang’ombe Primary School

Kilifi County, Kenya

Chang’ombe Primary School is a public primary school located in the Rabai area of Kilifi County, Kenya, of 1800 pupils ages 6-13.

The school’s motto is ‘Elimu ni Silaha (Education is a weapon)’, and they are determined to instill a love of reading in their pupils from a young age, to help them succeed in their education and beyond.

The realization of their reading goals is however hampered by a lack of access to great books for the children to read, the lack of a reading program and no library services available at the wider community level.

A BLUE Box sponsorship to Chang’ombe Primary School would be an invaluable addition to this school and community.

Webb Resource Centre

Kilifi, Kenya

The Webb Resource Centre, located in the Southeastern coastal city of Kilifi, was established in 2004, with the aim of serving the large surrounding community. Through various outreach efforts, organized lectures and reading sessions, the library encourages its young patrons to embrace a reading culture and the elders of the community to make useful contributions by sharing their knowledge.

The Library has a children’s section which is regularly used: during school term, kindergarten classrooms visit with teachers to expose children to early reading. During school holidays, older library users bring along their younger sibling to read and play in the junior section.

Your BLUE Box sponsorship will bring a much-needed addition of quality, culturally relevant books to the library so it can continue to be a source of growth and learning among the community.

Redeemed Academy

Kwale County, Kenya

Located in Kwale County, a short drive northeast of Mombasa, is a primary school that serves approximately 270 student aged 6 – 12. Although the primary language spoken by the students at home is Kiswahili, the school places a heavy emphasis on teaching and conducting lessons in English. A lack of appropriate reading and learning materials, however, cause barriers to learning within the classroom.

When students first interacted with Worldreader e-readers through their local library (funded by the Kenyan National Library System, a Worldreader partner), their academic performance improved. This contributed towards Redeemed Academy graduating the top-ranked pupil by academic performance in 2016. Your BLUE Box sponsorship can provide this school with an e-reader library to call their own, and help produce similarly stellar students in the years to follow.   

Mtito Andei Primary School

Makueni County, Kenya

Mtito Andei Primary School is a public school of 700 students located in Makueni County in Kenya’s Eastern Province. It is one of the few schools in the area and its relatively large co-educational student body, consisting of students aged 6 – 18, means that the school’s limited space and educational resources are severely overextended.

Currently, the school is attempting to implement Digital Learning Program classes for their students as mandated by government standards. However, the few computer stations and digital devices combined with the large student body, are hindering student progress, with most students unable to adequately meet the standard requirements of proficiency.

A BLUE Box sponsorship would not only provide Mtito Andei Primary School with an expanded library of reading materials, but it would also enable students to achieve their Digital Learning standard requirements.

These schools are just a few of many that are in need of a BLUE Box. If you are interested in supporting, please email our Development Team at development@worldreader.org.

How it works:

In approximately 3-6 months, students at your chosen school will have e-readers in their hands.


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All contributions are 100% tax-deductible. The $15,000 sponsorship will ensure a timely launch of your program and also help to support Worldreader’s overall operations.


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Worldreader will recognize your name and your project on all 50 Kindles. You will also receive a report of the custom collection of 100 e-books chosen by your school.


connect with the kids

You will receive photos of the kids with your e-readers and stories from the community launch of your program. After six months, the school will provide you with an impact report detailing the progress of your project.

Sponsored Schools

Check out some of our funded projects.

Sponsored By the
Worldreader New York Chapter

Pole Pole Academy, a school for orphans founded by orphans, received 100 wi-fi Kindles in March 2014. Books included beginning readers and storybooks.

Sponsored By the
Thanks Be To God Foundation

The Upendo School was the first school in Tanzania to receive an e-reader project for primary students. Upendo received 60 wi-fi Kindles for Primary 4 and 5 grade students in 2012.

Sponsored By
The Ayyad Family

Thanks to the Ayyad family, students in two classrooms in Adeiso, Ghana, received 50 Kindles loaded with textbooks and storybooks.

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