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Join Worldreader in Africa and see your philanthropy in action. Our premier trip is an East Africa Excursion: in partnership with Abercrombie & Kent, a safari is combined with visits to Worldreader schools for one unforgettable adventure. Space is limited!

East African Excursion + School Tour

Tanzania and Kenya

Designed as a “thank you” trip for our major donors*, in 2017 Worldreader Co-Founder David Risher, his wife Jen Risher, and fellow donors embarked on an epic 10-day journey from Arusha, across the Serengeti and Masai Mara, and into Nairobi. Along the way they visited and volunteered at Worldreader partner schools, joined a local community celebration for the launch of a new e-reading program and met local educators and activists working on a broad array of issues from conservation to sanitation. The trip was designed to give a close-up look at the challenges faced by local students and families, and the innovative solutions that are moving things forward. And, because it’s an Abercrombie & Kent Safari, you travel in style and see the coveted wildlife of East Africa, including elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions and much more.

Download last year’s information packet and itinerary. Subject to change.

*Major Donors are those who give $10,000 to the Annual Fund, or fund school sponsorship.

“It was with exceptional enthusiasm and energy that I booked my flights to Ghana to participate firsthand in Worldreader’s mission to place digital reading devices into the hands of aspiring young readers.

Flying from Amsterdam, south towards Ghana – the first sub-Saharan country to declare independence – I got a sense of how vast and sweeping the landscape is. Gazing over a fellow passenger’s shoulder I was mesmerized by the endless, powerful, passionate beauty of the Ghanaian countryside. I considered myself privileged to be a part of Worldreader’s on-the-ground effort in the field for the short week I was there.”

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During any week in August, you and your family can join Worldreader staff for Vacation Reading School, a month-long summer camp for children in rural Ghana. Your trip will start in Accra where you can visit urban schools using Worldreader e-readers or opt for a tour of Ghana’s famous Cape Coast. Then, travel for two nights to rural Kade or Adeiso where you will join students and families during summer e-reading activities. You’ll meet the locals, help distribute the e-readers, and most importantly, sit and read with the kids. This trip is perfect for anyone who understands the joy of group reading, or the significance of helping a child sound out a new word for the very first time.

View an informational deck on Vacation Reading School here.

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