Lois’s Story

Lois Aboagyewaa


9-year-old Lois is studying at Asuom Primary School in Ghana. Lois wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and she believes reading will help her get there. As part of our Ghana District Scale project, Lois’s school received a batch of e-readers filled with books, so now she can start preparing herself for her big career ahead!

When we visited Lois’s school, we had a chance to learn a bit more about her:

I live with my mother and father. My father is a teacher and my mother is a trader. When I grow up I want to become a doctor. I want to be able to heal people of their sickness. Reading is very important, so I believe the more you read, the more you would know and so it would be easy to become a doctor.  The e-reader helps me to read a lot. I have read a lot of books since we had access to the e-readers, I can’t even count.

I have read: Ama’s dream, Veggie veggies, the frog band, Ama’s bill, Fatima can count, The Blue Fox, I can’t remember some of the titles. And we use the English text book and other text books too.”

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