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Daniel’s Story


Kibera, Kenya

Daniel has been a teacher at Magoso Primary School in Kenya for over 10 years. Most of the 493 students attending the school are orphans. Since receiving the e-readers, the students have increasingly started turning to reading for escape.

“Every morning children flock into this office asking for e-readers. And every time they come they want to spend the whole day with them just reading. If the e-readers are busy in a classroom, you’ll find the children in the library looking for books—they want to read. If I’d be allowed to rate the difference since we received the e-readers, I’d say we’ve seen about a 50% increase in library attendance.”

Despite teaching in one of the largest slums in the world, Daniel is hopeful that, given the right care, his students can overcome even the most challenging circumstances.

When people give their children education, they are sure that the community will grow, the country will go forward and there is something that the country has for prosperity. When you give children education, you are certain that they will be able to become self reliant, that they will become responsible members of the society, they’ll be able to appreciate life and the values of the community.

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