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We support children in under-resourced communities and provide caregivers and educators with the tools they need to help them thrive.

The power of digital reading

While not everyone has access to a computer, library, or reliable internet connection, 96% of families use mobile phones. Our ABCD approach combines app-based access, books, continuous support and data to drive impact.

We provide year-round access to reading through apps that work on most low-cost devices

  • Read anytime, anywhere.
  • Free access online and offline for caregivers.
  • Available on mobile phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops.
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Carefully curated SEL-focused collections help children and their caregivers bond over reading and introduce important conversations. Our robust engagement architecture includes:

  • Play-based learning activities
  • Digital behavior change campaigns
  • Reading incentives including rewards and notifications
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We want all students to succeed. We offer a combination of resources and support so that you can help children reach their full potential. Our partners get access to:

  • Monthly guides and resources
  • Coaching sessions
  • Digital literacy support
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By analyzing learners’ reading habits, educators and caregivers can better understand their needs. We monitor critical data and offer valuable metrics such as:

  • Time spent reading
  • Reading frequency
  • Number of readers

What is BookSmart?

BookSmart is our all-in-one, easy-to-use app designed to keep children reading anytime, anywhere. With BookSmart, teachers can give their students a better life – because reading means success in school, better health, employment opportunities, and a life full of opportunity.

  • Diverse: Hundreds of bilingual digital books in English and Spanish for children aged 3-12.
  • Engaging: Play-based learning activities support family engagement for out-of-school reading time.
  • Empowering: Weekly books, reading milestones and rewards build confidence and strong reading habits.
  • Accessible: Completely free and compatible with low-cost devices. All content can be enjoyed offline.

Become a partner

Our partners harness the power of digital programming and low-cost education technology to help bridge the achievement gap and keep all children reading in and out of school. Advantages of becoming a partner include:

  • Full access and customization options on BookSmart
  • Family engagement activities and tips
  • Partnership support including coaching and training for your team
  • Monthly resources with strategies for educators
  • Data insight dashboard

Together we can help young readers build brighter, bolder, healthier futures for themselves and the people around them. Get in touch today to find out more about our programs.

Supporting children together

We work with partners like you to support communities across the country

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Discover our library of free resources for teachers and caregivers to support children’s educational and socioemotional needs.

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Summer reading activities

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Setting reading goals and tracking progress

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Digital library for summer reading access, activities and advancement for all

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Engaging families during the summer through literacy

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Free guide

Play-based activities for literacy skills

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About our books

Readers build a better world, and we want them to have the best building blocks. We work with the top publishers in the US and abroad to curate book collections that inspire, educate, and empower children.

We source children’s books that are inclusive, diverse, and enriching. Our focus on socioemotional development invites children to explore their emotions, develop empathy and manage feelings like fear, anger, or sadness.

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