Our work in Latin America

Join us as we work with schools and families in low income
communities to help improve school readiness for
children, setting them up for lifelong learning.

A message from the regional representative

At Worldreader we believe that every child deserves access to a quality library of books and reading support to set them up for lifelong learning. 

Sadly, our region suffers from significant inequality – the learning gaps between students from better-off and the most disadvantaged backgrounds are very large.  

The results from the 2018 PISA assessment further emphasize this learning crisis in the region (the assessment, led by the OECD, measures students’ science, reading, and mathematics literacy on an international scale). When it comes to reading, one in two students in Latin America does not reach the basic reading proficiency level required in the PISA assessment.

Worldreader’s objective, then, is to provide our unique expertise in digital reading solutions to help countries in the region promote better and more equitable learning for all.

Our current work in LATAM focuses on Peru – a country that scored 64th out of 77 countries on the PISA assessment. We’re partnering with schools and working with families in low-income communities where children face major barriers to school readiness. Digital reading can help these children develop 21st-century skills that will set them up for success in and outside of school. Most importantly, we believe solutions like this one will reduce the inequalities in the education system, helping to reduce poverty in the country.  

In the coming years, our aim is to scale this model and expand our work in Latin America to other neighboring countries that face similar challenges to Peru – namely Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile.

Despite the fact that there remains work to be done in the region, it’s worth stressing that Latin America is overflowing with ambition and innovations. There is a lot of incredible progress being made in the region towards bolstering the educational systems. Worldreader strives to become a key partner to the governments, nonprofits, and institutions tackling these challenges to further boost their efforts. 

I look forward to the day when Peru and other countries in the region will rank among the highest countries in the PISA assessment.


Walter Alvarado,
Director, CreceLee Peru,

Featured projects

crecelee worldreader


CreceLee (meaning “Grow and Read”) is Worldreader’s first-ever project in South America. This project will bring digital reading to over 10,000 households and up to 20 schools in Lima, Peru. With CreceLee, Worldreader is taking a holistic approach to improving learning outcomes for children in Peru, one carefully tailored to address the unique challenges that readers in the country face. As part of the project, Worldreader is using our BookSmart solution to ensure that students have access to meaningful, high-quality content both inside and outside the classroom. 


Worldreader’s AvanzaLee project was designed to use digital technology to strengthen a culture of reading among youth in Mexico. As part of the project we partnered with IBBY México, who has an existing network of reading promoters that reach thousands of youth with books. We trained these reading promoters on how to integrate our Worldreader app into their outreach efforts. Through this partnership, our aim was to reach 10,000 people in the first year of launch. As part of the pilot, we added 30 high-quality digital books in Spanish to our library to further contribute towards engaging readers.

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