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Join us to strengthen cultures of reading among
children and youth across the region. 

A message from the regional representative

Africa is the youngest continent in the world – 60% of Africans are under the age of 25. These young people represent tremendous potential for the continent.

The ones that I’ve been lucky to meet in my line of work are often incredibly ambitious and optimistic  – no matter the challenges they face. To see Africa through their eyes is to see a continent brimming with opportunity.

Yet the sobering reality is that East Africa lacks adequate access to reading materials. Millions of children across the region are held back because they lack access to quality education due to large numbers and limited learning resources.

To address these issues Worldreader leverages digital technology in schools and libraries to give children access to high-quality books, helping to improve learning outcomes and providing content in the child’s mother tongue language.

What’s more, even though efforts have been made in the region to address the question of gender equality, there is much more that still needs to be done. Worldreader’s women’s empowerment collections aim to positively redefine gender stereotypes, helping to boost women’s confidence and assertiveness.

In the coming years, Worldreader aims to focus our efforts on improved learning outcomes through a strengthened reading culture across the region. We will focus on early childhood through primary school, in alignment with the government’s digital learning policy. 

Young Adults will be the leaders of tomorrow. We aim to support youth and young adults in acquiring life skills and 21st-century skills in preparation for the workplace. We believe in a world where youth are gender empowered and can contribute positively to their communities. 

Now is the time to join forces to uplift Africa’s young people, so they can reach their full potential. That’s why, we will continue to strengthen partnerships in the region to guarantee we work together for the biggest impact.   

I welcome you to partner with Worldreader to bring digital books to children and youth across the region!


Joan Mwachi,
Regional Director,
East Africa,

Featured projects

leap worldreader


As part of LEAP (Libraries, e-Reading, Activities and Partnership) and LEAP 2.0, Worldreader worked with knls to bring e-readers filled with relevant content as well as training to all 61 public libraries in Kenya. Since the launch of LEAP and LEAP 2.0, the libraries have reached readers far beyond the walls of the library with outreach efforts and they have contributed towards creating cultures of reading in their surrounding communities.

anasoma worldreader


The 2-year Anasoma project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, aimed to promote gender equality by increasing women and girls’ access to an online library to boost their empowerment and assertiveness. As part of the project, Worldreader acquired and commissioned new content aimed at challenging social norms and redefining the traditional stereotypes around what it means to be a woman. 

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