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Topics that matter most to our readers

Our library is designed to help people read for education, economic opportunity, better health, gender equality, and just for fun. To see booklists for a specific regions, please contact us via our contact from and explain us for which region and purpose you would like to receive a specific booklist.

Stories that readers can relate to

Our readers are drawn to books that reflect the world they live in. We source books from local publishers in local languages that depict the lives, challenges, and triumphs of our readers, so they can relate to the stories.

Helping your students achieve positive learning outcomes

Worldreader’s collections are curricularly aligned and designed to support lesson plans. With our library, students can expand their vocabulary, master subjects, build 21st Century skills, and improve reading fluency and comprehension.

Changing the way women and girls see themselves

Our female empowerment collections aim to tackle real issues facing women and girls – discrimination, early marriage, health, and safety – and depict strong female characters who strive to overcome these challenges. These stories inspire women and girls to dream bigger and men and boys to see them as equals.

Supporting the sustainable development goals

Our library introduces readers to topics such as the environment, gender inequality, health, and sustainability. These books equip youth with the information necessary to play their role in improving the state of our world.

Encouraging children’s social and emotional development

Our psychosocial collection aims to help children – particularly those affected by the refugee crisis – struggling with fear, anger, or sadness to explore their emotions and strengthen their resilience.

Brought to you by the world’s top publishers

We work with the best local and international publishing partners to bring the right books to our readers.

With book collections for every region

Our BookSmart app for children starts with a free base collection – 100+ great local and international books. We also offer a premium collection for Africa, MENA, LATAM, and India .

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