Our Approach

We’re tackling the reading crisis in a unique and scalable way, using our ABCDE model.

Our unique approach to the reading crisis

We make it easier for young children to read more books, more frequently, with the support of their caregivers. We do this by applying our unique A-B-C-D-E model.

We serve readers through BookSmart, a mobile application, accessible on all devices from inexpensive feature phones to smart TVs.

We bring readers a library of 3000+ high quality digital books. The library reaches children globally across several major and local languages.

We train and support caregivers and reading champions so they feel confident about reading to and with children.

We collect real-time reading data and share it with our various audiences to continuously help them reach their reading goals.

We engage caregivers and communities to spur behavior change and a new culture of reading in the home and beyond.

We help children reach their potential

The benefits of reading reach far beyond reading comprehension. Our international team of experts has designed the ABCDE model to achieve long-term impact in three key areas of a child’s life:

  • Better education outcomes
  • Higher earning potential
  • Stronger emotional intelligence
Father and son smile as they read on BookSmart

Our work with partners

Together with partner organizations around the world, we support children and caregivers on their reading journeys. These partners include:

Community-based organizations

Schools and learning networks

The private sector

Group of school children smile as they hold each other

Partner with us

Our partners share our vision of building a better world, powered by readers. These partners play a critical role in bringing reading to more children every day. If you’re interested in partnering with us, get in touch today.