It’s always a combination of books, technology and programming.

There’s a lot that goes into a successful reading program. But if we break it down,  these three components are essential to helping children and youth enjoy better learning outcomes, more opportunities, and healthier, more prosperous lives.

First, we get the right books

For every new reading program, we take a careful look at our library and make sure we have the right books available to ensure positive growth and learning outcomes for the reader. We also look at our data to understand the books readers are engaging with most. And, as we continue to refine and grow the library, our network of local and international publishers keeps expanding.

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Then, we figure out which technology makes sense

Whether it’s cell phones, tablets, or e-readers, we use 21st century technology to distribute our digital library. We take into account pricing, programmatic needs, and access to make a decision on which device is best tailored to the situation – often it’s more than just one of these devices. Here’s what’s exciting: as these technologies become increasingly ubiquitous and affordable, more and more readers will enjoy access to our digital library.

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Finally, we help bring learning to life through supportive programming

We work with schools and partners to help parents, teachers, librarians, and local communities acquire the knowledge and comfort needed to integrate digital technology. For teachers and librarians, this means training them on using the devices, integrating stories into lesson plans, managing and monitoring projects, and collecting data on reading activities. For parents, this includes training them on effective storytelling techniques and app usage sessions.


BookSmart: the all-in-one solution

BookSmart is an affordable digital reading solution for schools, libraries, youth programs, and homes. It combines these three essential components – books, technology, and programming – to boost any reading program.