Ahmad and his family


digital reading refugee jordan

Ahmad, Wo’ood, and their four children, are Syrian refugees living in Jordan. Ahmad tells us that the conflict in Syria has been particularly hard on the children. He believes the books on his mobile phone can help.



Lalita, a mother of two in Delhi, India, was forced to leave school at a young age and was married by the time she was 14 years old. Now, she reads to her daughters every night so they can have a better future.

Shivani and Rumana


Shivana and Rumana are two sisters from Delhi, India, aged 15 and 16 respectively. These two sisters use the Read to Kids app on their mobile phone to read stories to children in their community. 



Pradeep is a father of 2 boys who now regularly reads to his sons using the Read to Kids app. Like many of the parents we have spoken to, Pradeep says it has been an essential source of growth for his children.