Our programs

Creating a world of readers is only possible if we ensure that the power, joy, comfort and opportunity of reading is accessible to all people. 

We recognize that throughout a reader’s life there are varying needs and interests that influence the types of books and content she or he might need. Our four distinct programs provide unique solutions to our readers’ needs, allowing them to experience reading individually, as a group and to others, in the most impactful way.


Our pre-reading program ensures that parents have the tools needed to read to their children, so that they are more prepared for school and develop into lifelong readers.

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School reading

Our school program provides educators with the tools they need to help students develop literacy skills and learn through reading.

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Library reading

Our library program equips librarians with the tools and expertise needed to promote  and grow reading in the broader community.

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Lifelong reading

Our lifelong reading program ensures that no book lover ever ages out of reading, helping them read anywhere and anytime.

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