Worldreader Kids

The Worldreader Kids app is a reading app designed for parents and caregivers to give them the tools needed to read to and with their children.

Library Spotlight

Psychosocial development

Our psychosocial stories focus on supporting children’s emotional recovery and resilience. These stories can serve as a critical tool for re-imagining the future.

School readiness

Reading stories to a child from a young age is a proven way to ensure the child is prepared for classroom learning. Our playful collection makes learning fun.


Our Arabic children’s books written by local and international publishers are handpicked to engage young readers. These books cover a range of categories and ages.


Our Hindi books written by Indian authors range from modern tales to more widely recognizable stories, like the Panchatantra series.


Our English books allow parents to give their children early exposure to English, helping them speak the language confidently from a young age.

App Features

Customized experience

From personalized avatars to intelligent book selections, this is an app that gives readers a personalized experience, so they can choose their own adventures.

Family friendly design

Co-designed with parents and children, we’ve put the needs of the families we work with at the heart of the app design, so it’s easy to use and engaging.

Offline reading

For readers who want to keep reading even when they’re out of data or can’t connect to the internet, the offline reading option guarantees that no reader will ever be without books.

Speed optimization

Worldreader Kids is a light app that is fully optimized for all connection speeds and keeps data costs to a minimum, to ensure a smoother reading experience.


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