Our Solution

We provide a library of thousands of digital books so that anyone can be a reader. We combine digital technology with relevant content, smart programming and strong partnerships to make a lasting impact.

Our goal is to cultivate reading around the globe and ultimately contribute to eliminating poverty, reducing inequality and improving prosperity.

Programs for every stage of life

Our work is organized by four major programs that span the life of a reader.


Reading with young children
improves school readiness


Books on e-readers and tablets open a world of
learning for students


E-readers empower librarians to become reading champions


Access to books on mobile phones enables lifelong reading habits

A library of local stories

We partner with publishers in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East to source commercial-quality books in English, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish and 40 other languages.

A solution for every reader

We offer a variety of digital reading products to meet the needs of our readers – at any stage in their life and anywhere in the world. These include mobile phone and tablet apps as well as e-readers pre-loaded with books.

Partnerships that maximize our impact

We partner with organizations, governments, publishers, school and library systems, the private sector and philanthropic institutions to create a force large enough to make a real difference.

Help us create
a world of readers

Reading is transformative. Help us share the power of reading with children, adults and families around the world.