| May 7, 2015

Worldreader Mobile Launches with Opera Software


Opera Mini Launch With Worldreader

Today, 9 million people across Africa are able to read books on their mobile phones thanks to our newest app, Worldreader Mobile Web (WRM-Web). This historical launch with Opera Software has the potential to bring digital books to our widest audience yet and we could not be more excited to share the news with you.

WRM-Web enables anyone with an Internet-enabled device, whether this be a 10 year-old feature phone or the latest Samsung Galaxy, to access a library of 15,000 e-books from their mobile phone. Readers can start discovering books in seconds by opening any mobile phone browser and typing read.worldreader.org.

Opera Mini Worldreader

The new web app includes cool features such as offline reading that allows our users facing low or poor connectivity to continue enjoying books. The books readers download for offline reading are encrypted to prevent unauthorised usage of the content.  WRM-Web also allows readers to share their favorite reads with their friends using Twitter, Facebook and email.

Opera Mini Launch With Worldreader

Opera Mini WorldreaderThe progress we make every day would not be possible without our incredible partners and supporters. Opera Mini is one of the world’s most popular web browsers providing users with a faster connection while requiring less data usage. Opera Software has featured Worldreader’s vast library as a bookmark on the Opera Mini browser so that millions of readers in Africa now have a digital library at their fingertips.

At Worldreader we’re driven by a relentless optimism and trust that there is always a better and bigger way. Our vision to bring digital books to every child and their family is what keeps us moving forward. With this new mobile innovation we’ve pushed further to expand our reach and improve the accessibility so that more lives can be improved.


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