| October 25, 2012

Worldreader Gets Help From Logistics Leader DHL


By Fatos Berisha

At Worldreader there are many stories. One before my time is called the “Blue Truck.”

On the back of the blue truck were the first 400 Kindles we shipped to Ghana. Volunteers took shifts guarding the truck overnight. The customs clearing form described the boxes carrying 400 “Candles” instead of Kindles.

The famous blue truck Worldreader used for shipping it first batch of Kindles to Ghana.

When it comes to making international shipments, most of us don’t think much of it. But, when it comes to shipping a batch of Kindles, there is plenty of complicated work behind the scenes. There are different customs regulations for each each country, and you need the commercial invoice and other international shipping forms…the list goes on and on.

Now, we’re going to have some help sorting this all out. We are honored to announce that we are partnering with global logistics leader DHL.

While “shipping” books to the kids is as easy as pushing a button once the kids have the device, making sure the kids actually get their e-readers requires some time, resources and focused attention. With DHL, the hassle of moving Kindles from one place to another is gone, and we can have each shipment ready to go in less than five minutes. That frees us up to work on the important task of getting even more Kindles and e-books into more kids’ hands around the globe without worrying if a customs declaration is filled out correctly.

So, here’s a big Worldreader thank you to DHL for offering us discounted rates for their services, a expansive, worldwide network, and providing a dedicated representative, DHL Express Manager of International Sales Ron Boshela, who gave us exceptional logistics expertise and more.

Now our e-readers loaded with e-books can reach their final destination and be in the hands of children in Africa in less than three days.

Thanks for bringing us closer to the kids in our program that much quicker. The faster we can get Kindles and e-books to them, the faster they can start reading!

Worldreader team and DHL’s Ron Boshela