| March 21, 2011

Win a Volunteer Trip to Ghana


For all of us at Worldreader, we share a feeling of before and after: what our world view was before traveling to Ghana and witnessing students’ and teachers’ reaction to having access to the entire world’s library of books.   And what our world view is like after; I can say from personal experience that silly things matter less.  To be honest, I work hard every day to bring e-books to Deborah, DeGraft, Abigail, Priscilla, George, Linda, Francis and 493 other students who have made a mark on me forever– and the millions still to go.

I am freshly off a plane from NYC where David and I had a series of amazing meetings– everything from influential tech bloggers, to US Department of State members, to influencers in the publishing world (we’ll share more of that in the following days).  What strikes me is how everyone wants to join us.  We hear time and again: “I want to go to Ghana!  I want to live that experience!”

Well, here’s your chance!  You can win a week-long trip to Ghana and help us bring “Books to All” in the developing world, thanks to our wonderful travel partners, eDreams (who will cover transportation, food and lodging). Starting today, we are launching a contest where you will have the opportunity to answer the question: “Why do you want to help Worldreader bring books to all in the developing world.”  So, get out your video camera and start talking!  Is it because you love reading so much and you can’t imagine your life without books, or a book that changed your life? Or any other story you wish to share.

Video submissions begin today here and go until March 30th.  Peer voting occurs between March 30- April 1, and we’ll pick from the top videos on April 4th.  You can win a trip to Ghana to help make a difference in a child’s life, and no doubt change your own!