Books, Digital Reading | July 11, 2022

Why You Need a Summer Reading Schedule


Child Reading

It’s well established that children who read during the summer are better prepared for school in the fall. The Power of Summer Reading benefits students during school breaks and throughout the entire school year. So how can you help your child get the most out of this opportunity? Create a summer reading schedule!

Using a reading schedule during the summer promotes accountability and organization in children. A long-term goal and potential reward motivates students to finish the schedule and encourages the practice of completing tasks. Worldreader’s case study in Chicago detailed that incentives and goal tracking inspired children to use BookSmart more regularly. This meant that the students were more inclined to read and gain the benefits of their time with books. Additionally, it creates patterns and habits that are essential for the young reader’s educational and personal experiences.

Goal setting sheet

Worldreader’s free template is a great way to get started. Have the student choose some or all of their books, ask questions about the stories, or have them keep a reading journal. It is crucial that adults are active and involved throughout this process. When families and communities interact with and support their children, they can increase the benefits and make them last.

Using a reading schedule over the summer to continue your child’s learning is an amazing tool. To get started choosing stories, our BookSmart app makes accessing books easy. Maintain their learning, improve their development, and assist them in discovering the joy of reading by supporting their engagement in stories. The summer is a season of growing—help your child bud with books this holiday break.

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