| April 4, 2011

Volunteer Contest: Second Runner-Up


When we launched a contest to “Win a Volunteer Trip to Ghana”, we thought we would get some compelling videos.  We didn’t imagine, however, that we would get so many unbelievably amazing videos.   On Saturday morning, our friends at eDreams sent over the final list with a note saying: “This will not be easy.” And sure enough, it wasn’t!  We could have easily had over 25 winners.  It just goes to show you that our mission, Book for All, using e-readers is something that resonates with many people all over the world (we had entries from Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, England, France, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Somalia, Spain, and USA).  We had entries from folks of all ages too.  Some of the videos were unbelievably creative and others quite funny.  Many of them made us teary. We’ve seen the videos over and over and now we feel like we know the contestants personally.  We discussed and, finally we voted.  So, with no further ado… Worldreader presents the results.

Second runner-up goes to Christina Lam, from San Francisco.  We absolutely love her creativity; she clearly understands that bringing books to all gives people Superman powers!   Now we’ll share her beautiful story with you.

Worldreader and Cristina’s Books for All – Ch. 1 from Cristina Lam on Vimeo.