| April 4, 2011

Volunteer Contest: First Runner-Up


So, now you’ve seen our second runner-up, Christina Lam’s awesome video.  What stood out about the first runner-up, Drew Budwin — an engineer at Virginia Tech, is his deep passion for serving others.  Even in his short video, his zeal for helping others shone through.  We saw a person, in his own words, with an innate “desire to serve and give it everything I have”.  Our mission is to bring Books for All in the developing world, and all of us at Worldreader have the same attitude as Drew- we are giving it everything we have.  We could immediately picture Drew on the ground in Ghana pitching in with whatever task was presented to him — be it building an e-reader charging station until the wee hours of the morning or designing reading exercises for students.  He struck us as a Volunteer MacGyver.  And we thought about what he would take home with him — as he talked about a long relationship with Worldreader.   The Worldreader team had such a hard time choosing between Drew and the winner that we all wondered if we could possibly have two winners!  In fact, we’re working with him to help find a sponsor to come for that week too. We’ll keep you posted!  Stay tuned for the winner- at 2pm EST.