| July 3, 2013

Travel for Books Sweepstakes: We Have a Winner!


Our Travel for Books sweepstakes competition has to come a close with 608 participants and some really great personal responses for wanting to volunteer with Worldreader this summer in Ghana.

We loved many of them but had to choose one. So here’s our lucky winner and the response to our question.

Drum roll please!





Lauren’s Answer: I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be able to pick up a book and escape into another world. I’d like to help others have that same freedom and chance to escape. 

Congratulations Lauren!

We’re thrilled to have you join us this summer so you too can experience the power of books in changing peoples lives.

And our first runner up is: Monique Botha.  Her answer to why she would like to volunteer with Worldreader? Here it is: The joy books has given me cannot fit in to three sentences, let alone one. Neither can the joy that Africa has given me. To be able to combine that two, to be able to give the joy of books to the children of Africa, its priceless.

Monique, you’ve won a Worldreader T-Shirt!

Bummed that you did not win? Spots are still available in our Vacation Volunteer Program and we’re offering discounts. If you are interested, just get in touch with us.

Thanks everyone for participating and thanks to our wonderful partners Opodo UK and KLM for making this competition possible.

Books for all!