| February 7, 2011

To Worldreader With Love


Worldreader just received a packet of around 500 letters from the students in our iREAD pilot in Ghana.  They are mostly entitled “Me and my e-reader,” and they’re a joy to read.  Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we thought we’d share a little bit of the love…

Abigail Appiah

From Abigail Appiah (Kade SHS): When the e-reader was given to me, I couldn’t control my happiness. This is because it is the first time I have set my two naked eyes on such a thing. The electronic reader helps to research.  Even when you are reading and you meet a word which you don’t understand, you can just cross check it with your e-reader.  I mean, there is an Oxford Dictionary on it and I am happy about that. So the electonic reader has helped me in so many ways and I love it and I am saying that I appreciate it very much.

From Kenneth Normento (Adeiso SHS): I was very glad the very day I got the e-reader.  I took it home and started going through it myself.  I enjoyed it so much that I even had a sleepless night. I e-read story books, magazines, newspapers, and a lot of textbooks. I taught my siblings how to use the e-reader over Christmas and how to maintain it well. My family is very happy that I have an e-reader.

From Earnest Opare (Kade SHS): The first day I got the e-reading device I felt so excited because my mother was so proud that I have this special device and I can learn more. There are interesting stories on the e-reader which I feel comfortable to read and one is “The Magic Tree House” about a boy called Jack and a girl called Annie and their unsinkable ship.

From Philip Logo (Adeiso JHS):   I hope by the grace of God you are as fine as I am here. The e-reader makes the learning of books very easy.  It also makes me very happy to read anytime I have free time.  I have gotten to check the meaning of many words. I love my e-reader!

Philip Logo

From Deborah Nadutey (Kade primary): I am 10 years old. This letter is about my e-reader.  It has helped me so much because when I am going to school I carry more books.  Before the e-reader I did not carry any books. I love my e-reader  and it helps me to answer a question when the madam asks.  Thank you Worldreader!

There were countless noteworthy letters among the hundreds we read, and we wanted to highlight a small selection of these to demonstrate how e-readers are changing worlds.  We hope our donors feel wonderful about the opportunities they are affording these amazing children.  Books for all!