| February 24, 2011

The Thread That Unifies a Family


by Joseph Botwey (Worldreader’s man on the ground in Ghana)

Nana addresses the students

It’s amazing what Worldreader is doing on Ghana’s educational front with e–readers. Parents are giving more attention to what their children are reading because now they have a common library that the whole family is reading from. I’m beginning to believe that the Worldreader can be the thread that unifies the Ghanaian family.  I believe it because I am witnessing it every day.

Students at Kade primary and JHS have cared for their e-readers very well without any going missing. So we decided to congratulate and encourage the students to continue their responsibilities by throwing a party for them.  As you know, only one classroom per school has e-readers— but the party was for whole school.  It has been a collective effort and thus we celebrated it as such.

Nana Banchie Darkwah, Chief of Kade (and former student at this school), used his experience to encourage the students to make reading a daily activity, since it will help them improve on their vocabulary in the English language. Then we moved from class to class to distribute drinks and biscuits.  Students were happily crazy, running around, shouting and making funny faces.  It was a happy affair- and a success since students understood the motive behind the party; they are encouraged to continue embracing the e-reader program and read more and more.