| October 28, 2013

Success! Our Summer Reading Program Inspires More Young Minds


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For the last three years, Worldreader’s Vacation Reading School has become a great way to keep kids reading over the long school break. This year was no different. Students turned out in droves at two schools in Ghana for a chance to read for fun.

Look at what made this year’s Vacation Reading School program an even bigger success.

  • Attendance at Vacation Reading School was unprecedented! More than 175 students showed up at the schools each day of the first week!
  • At least 447 kids attended at least one day
  • Average attendance was 4.5 days (out of 20 days)
  • Each child read more than 40 books on average

READ the full 2013 Vacation Reading School Report.

Taking Reading Up a Level

We upped the game this year. Besides trying to find ways to help children read more and better, we tested ways to get kids more engaged with the e-books they were reading. The activities we ran complemented the normal classroom learning experience. Besides talking and thinking about what they read, children thought creatively, were presented with alternative perspectives and were provided a safe place to speak out without fear of judgement. Students also had an opportunity to learn how to express themselves, a skill they’ll need throughout their lifetimes both personally and professionally.

Volunteers Inspire Kids to Read, and Vice Versa

And that’s not all! We also piloted a new volunteer program this year that was a huge hit. This volunteer program gives the students an opportunity to interact with Worldreader supporters from all over the world and for Worldreader supporters to experience first hand the impact our programs.

International volunteers who traveled to Ghana joined local teachers and local Worldreader staff and volunteers to run our Vacation Reading Program. They led afternoon reading activities, taught new children how to use e-readers, managed the e-reader check out process during library times, took attendance and served as role models for hundreds of future avid readers.

See what Lauren and two young brothers, Sebastian and Julien, had to say about changing literacy in Africa. And if you’re interested in volunteering next year then read our Sponsor a Classroom brochure to learn how.

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