| September 10, 2013

Stomping Out Illiteracy One Reader at a Time


World Literacy Day 2013


On International Literacy Day, we’ve got some good news to share with all of you: we’re closer than you think to stomping out illiteracy thanks to mobile technology. Wrap your mind around this: 6 billion people have access to a mobile device.

In a survey we conducted, we found that people who start reading on mobile devices read more than before. They also report that they enjoy reading more.

With our partners UNESCO, Nokia and biNu we’ve been studying how people use mobile technologies to access information they need to improve their lives– especially in areas of this world where books simply do not arrive. We’ll be sharing the results of this entire study via a mind-blowing report . It’s exciting to think about the possibilities! Mobile devices are creating reading cultures across the globe.  Stay tuned!

Mobile Reading in the Developing World