| May 15, 2011

Sara’s Trip to Kenya – Part 2


Friendly Checkpoint

This past Thursday we pushed 1,365 e-books onto e-readers.  Friday was a spectacular day of cultural awareness and sharing in Nairobi. We toured a grocery store, visited with a local publisher, lugged a 16 kg kettle ball around the city, experienced Friday rush hour traffic, drove through the “friendly checkpoint” and enjoyed a restful supper.

The highlight of Friday was spending time with Shadrack and David, both of whom were incredibly open and inquisitive we shared information about e-readers, education in general, and most importantly: reading. After several hours of discussing similarities and differences in our education systems it was inspiring to hear Shadrack share his passion and vision for students learning to read at an early age.  It is quite humbling to realize that while I’ve mostly theorized about the question “would access to literature really change the world”, a Maasai warrior in western Kenya– with help from Worldreader— truly is changing the world for his students.

Saturday, Zev and I went on a Safari at Nairobi National Park.  We woke up at the crack of dawn so we could be there before the animals went on siesta.

More to come!