| May 3, 2013

Reading in Africa: Books For All Comes to HIV/AIDS Orphans in Kenya


Today we’d like to welcome the Suzy Peacock Memorial Secondary School to the Worldreader circle.

The school in Eldoret, Kenya, is different than others we’ve worked with and has a special purpose: Its students are primarily HIV/AIDS orphans cared for by the Christian Relief Fund, the school’s sponsor.

Suzy Peacock Memorial Secondary School

CRF launched the orphan sponsorship program in 2007 with 35 orphans. The program has grown to more 300 children in eight different centers located around Eldoret. The organization has also started five primary schools in the last five years, and Suzy Peacock Memorial is its first secondary school.

CRF engaged with Worldreader as a way to improve the IT skills their secondary students will need when they enter the workforce. Since a vast majority of CRF’s students are not exposed to computers and other technology until post-secondary school, the sponsors hope the e-reader program will increase the students’ comfort level with new technology while giving each student access to the textbooks and learning materials they need to excel as they further their education. You can read more about the launch on CFR’s website here.

Of course, for us, this means even more reading in Africa, which we’re thrilled to hear. But, the news doesn’t stop here. This month, we have many more launches in the pipeline that we’re eager to share with you. Soon, too, we’ll have additional information about how other organizations can partner with us to fight illiteracy and bring similar reading programs to other parts of Africa. Check back here frequently for #booksforall updates.