People | September 13, 2023

Reader Spotlight: Meet Gianfranco


One book can change a life forever. For Gianfranco from Ayacucho in Peru, a new story helped him write his own.

Child reading with parent

School was hard for Gianfranco. He was getting in trouble more often than his peers, and he was told that he was causing issues for his teachers and his mother.

However, when the sixth-grade student discovered the book Gravity Falls on BookSmart, his life changed. Gianfranco was inspired to be better every day as he related to the story’s main character, an unruly boy who loved science. The more he read the book, the better he understood it and the more he learned.

With our BookSmart app, Gianfranco was empowered to discover a world of adventure, helping him fall in love with reading and become a better student. It even helped his mother, Elizabeth, gain better reading skills as they read together as a family!

All across Peru and around the world, we’re working to provide children just like Gianfranco with accessible reading materials to help them build a brighter future.

So far, our CreceLee program in Peru has supported more than 44 thousand children, readers, and families and will reach thousands more in schools across the country. 

Hear it from the readers ➤ Watch this video to hear from Gianfranco and his mother about how books changed their lives 👇

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