Read Around the World with These 6 Children’s Books


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Children’s worlds are getting smaller due to social distancing. 

Think of a young child. What comes to mind? Playfulness, adventure, an eagerness to understand and interact with the world around them. In a child’s earlier years, their direct social and physical environment plays a huge role in their development. Now, with confinement, social distancing, and ongoing school disruptions, it’s easy to see how almost every aspect of a child’s world is shrinking. 

How can parents offset the effects of social distancing?

Make a child’s world bigger again: read stories from around the world. By introducing your child to different countries, cultures, and characters through books, you are reminding them that the world expands beyond the four corner’s of their bedroom – it’s full of diverse beauty and provides endless opportunities to feed your child’s wonder. 

While reading stories from around the globe with your child, ask questions to help them develop a deeper understanding.   

It’s important that children learn to empathize with the characters in the stories. You can prompt them to do this by asking questions: “Isn’t it interesting that she lives in a small village? Do you think it would be fun to work on a farm? What would that be like?”

Worldreader Keep Children Reading program offers a library of global children’s books available on the BookSmart app. From an aspiring doctor in Ghana, to a girl who loves to dance in India, we’ve chosen six children’s books that will help your child travel to new worlds – from the safety of your home.

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