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Powerful Books to Teach Children About our Differences


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The world is full of unique and inspiring people – and every individual is different from the next! The Worldreader digital library reflects and celebrates this diversity.

Introducing young readers to the beautiful and different ways we all do life is critical. The stories children read (or don’t read) can shape the way they view and treat those around them. When we share stories from around the world, it teaches us compassion and improves our relationships with others. Books allow us to highlight diversity and inclusion while helping children discover their own identities.

Here are a few books to teach children about our unique differences, something we all have in common! Find these 5 engaging reads on our BookSmart app and help your young reader understand that our differences don’t have to divide us, but can unite us in powerful ways.

All Kinds of Beliefs

All Kinds of Beliefs by Anita Ganeri

Published by Crabtree

Ages 6-8

People hold all kinds of beliefs. We may be Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, or Sikhs, or belong to other religions. Some people have non-religious beliefs. We can show what we believe by how we dress, what we eat, how we behave, and how we treat other people. What are your beliefs?

► Find the beauty in all our beliefs here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Skin We Are In

Skin We Are In by Sindiwe Magona and Nina G. Jablonski

Published by New Africa Books

Ages 6-8

When we meet someone new, one of the things we notice is the color of their skin. But what can someone’s skin color tell us about them? Despite what some people say, your skin means very little! Inside we’re all the same. Join Njabulo, Aisha, Tim, Chris and Roshni as they discover why humans have different skins, and how people’s thinking about skin color has changed throughout history.

► Discover our similarities here.

All Kinds of Families

All Kinds of Families by Anita Ganeri

Published by Crabtree

Ages 6-8

There are all kinds of families. Families can be big or small and they can change over time. Some families live together and others live apart. In every family there are people who love each other. Who’s in your family?

► Learn about every kind of fantastic family here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Thatha at School

Thatha at School by Richa Jha

Published by Pickle Yolk Books

Ages 6-8

It is Grandparents Day at school and everyone in grade 2A is excited. Everyone. Except Oviyam. She doesn’t want her dhoti-wearing Thatha (grandfather) to accompany her to school. Oviyam must find a way to prevent him from attending the event. Will she succeed?

► Join her journey here.

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