| July 31, 2013

Parents Join Tanzania’s Reading Wave


Remember our e-reader launch at the Nganana and Nambala schools in Tanzania a couple months back? The one where we brought 300 Kindles to the two schools, loaded with more than 36,000 books, and where the Prime Minister and 2,000 community members welcomed e-books to their part of Africa?

Well, there’s more! The Worldreader Kits team got word that the book-love momentum is continuing–up a notch.

To get parents engaged and to show them the impact of e-readers, the schools recently hosted Parents Day.

Dina, Esin and Madelief from Nganana Primary School sent us this email about how the day went:

It was amazing. Kids and parents took turns reading stories. Kids showed off their reading skills to their parents and even helped them to navigate through the e-reader. Teachers gave various lessons in math, Kiswahili and geography (by Esin from Netherlands). The parents were so happy they want the Parents Day to be monthly!

Joshua, Floor and Sylvia were at Nambala, and we’ll hear from them later. It was parents day there too.

Here are a few photos that made us smile. Thanks to everyone in Tanzania who helped coordinate this event and for encouraging families to fall in love with reading!

Parents Day at Nganana School, TanzaniaParents and students take turns reading at Nganana School, TanzaniaStudents at Nganana Schools show their parents how much they like their e-readersStudents at Nganana School read with parents