| March 3, 2010

iRead Kicks Off


That's a lot of e-readers

It’s finally here:  the iRead pilot begins!  The itinery has changed 100 times, David has pulled a couple of all nighters, but it is all happening.  we are going to be divided up into teams, team leader, documenterer and support…it means I am responsible for documenting what kids get what kindles.  The pilot kicks off with an event, where the village chief and withch doctor are presented with gifts and then bless the projects.  Kids and their parents take a pledge, and then the teachers begin teaching.  Training has gone well and thanks to the team on the ground.

I was reading about pronce so and so who used to travel with his 1000 books with camels.  And it’s pretty amazing to think that we are 6 people taking ? Books into Africa next week.

we are bringing 5000 textbooks
3000 international fiction books from Random House
15000 Local Ghanaian children’s books