| June 13, 2013

Here’s Your Chance: Change Lives in Ghana















At Worldreader when we travel to our programs, we share a feeling of before and after: what our world view was before traveling to Africa and witnessing students’ and teachers’ reaction to having access to the entire world’s library of books. And what our world view is like after; we can say from personal experience that silly things matter less.

We often hear from folks: “I want to do what you’re doing– How can I have that experience?”

Well, now you can!  Today we’re pleased to announce a program whereby volunteers can travel to Ghana and participate in our Vacation Reading Program.  You’ll travel to one of our highly effective e-reading programs, meet the students and teachers, and serve as community librarians and mentors for one week– working directly with students on their long vacation during the month of August.  There are 15 slots available so send us an email if you’re interested.

And we’re excited to announce that one lucky person can win a free plane ticket and hotel fare, in a Travel for Books sweepstakes on Facebook, thanks to our travel partnership with Opodo and KLM.

Come volunteer in Ghana with us and help make a difference in many children’s lives, and no doubt change your own!