| September 29, 2011

Having Books Changes Everything


Take a peek at our latest video.   You’ll see two teachers in Ghana, one who teaches with e-readers in the classroom and another who teaches without, talk about what it is like to teach in places where there are no books. Over the next couple of days, this blog will be looking at how e-readers are affecting schools in Africa and how it compares to the developed world: specifically Clearwater, Florida where there is another e-reader pilot underway.  There will be some surprising similarities and other stark differences– some of which you can probably predict just by watching this video.

Worldreader is thrilled with Amazon’s announcement on Wednesday of a $79 Kindle.  As we’ve said before, the decreasing cost of e-reader technology combined with the increasing amount of content available means that the developing world will have tools to change their world.  It’s nothing short of revolutionary.