Booklists | March 19, 2015

E-Books Against Ebola


Books Against Ebola

Did you know that Ebola survivors become immune to the virus, turning them into excellent caregivers in Ebola clinics? Neither did I before starting to compile a series of Ebola books for Worldreader Mobile.

The latest outbreak in West Africa has been the largest and most complex Ebola outbreak since the virus was discovered in 1976. It has devastated individuals, families, towns and countries. Aid organizations and governments have taken steps to stop the outbreak but more needs to be done; lack of knowledge seems to be one of the main reasons the epidemic has been difficult to contain.

When the Ebola outbreak was at its peak, thousands of people using our mobile reading application were able to access crucial information about the virus. This information came from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and was essential in spreading awareness on how the disease is transmitted, encouraging people with suspicious symptoms to seek treatment.

Books against Ebola

Although this content was invaluable, it became clear that readers could benefit from a broader range of books against Ebola, tailored specifically to their needs. And we wanted to provide even more. Besides addressing specific concerns regarding the effects of Ebola on children, women, and the elderly, we also wanted to publish inspiring stories from Ebola survivors. Finally, we also realized that since our mobile users read on small, low resolution screens, our content would have to be optimized, and in some cases, entirely redesigned in order to provide the best reading experience for our readers.

After thorough research, identifying inspiring survivors and getting in touch with committed journalists and health professionals, we developed a range of books on Ebola. Those are: Ebola Basics, Ebola 4 Experts, Ebola and Women, Ebola for Men, Ebola for Kids, Ebola for Parents, Ebola Heroes, Ebola Stories to Discuss, Ebola Glossary and Reputable Sources.

Books Against Ebola

Ebola Basics and Ebola 4 Experts provide a simple and accessible approach to the disease. They are illustrated, making the information easy to understand and remember for users of all ages. Ebola and Women, Ebola for Men, Ebola for Kids and Ebola for Parents, on the other hand, deal with the specific concerns of each group. Additionally, Ebola Glossary and Ebola Reputable Sources are targeted at the reader looking for additional references. And finally, Ebola Stories to Discuss or Ebola Heroes are inspiring stories that demonstrate the possibilities of life after Ebola and give hope to our readers.

The value of the Worldreader Ebola Book Series lies in the fact that it contains impactful and concise information, created for small screens and with our readers’ concerns in mind. Introducing this urgent content to our Worldreader Mobile library raises awareness about the disease and helps spread valuable information to the most vulnerable communities. It also empowers each one of these individuals to participate in the control of the outbreak. We at Worldreader take pride in the fact that we are not only about spreading relevant, compelling and engaging content, but also creating it.

To read Worldreader’s new Ebola Series, make sure to download Worldreader Mobile for your Android or Feature phone.