| April 16, 2015

Digital Reading Brings Africa Together


Digital Reading Summit

We’re thrilled to be hosting our second annual Digital Reading Summit in two countries very special to Worldreader’s mission: Ghana and Kenya. These countries are pioneering the future of Africa’s digital reading revolution and contributing towards making Worldreader’s vision of bringing books to all a foreseeable and promising reality.

This year’s Worldreader Digital Reading Summit kicked-off yesterday in Accra, Ghana and will last until today, April 16th. The Summit will next be held in Nairobi, Kenya from April 21st – 22nd. Participants range from publishers, e-reader project managers, educational professionals, non-profit organizations, and government officials. Immersing themselves in the digital era, participants are committed to building the future of digital reading by collaborating and sharing experiences. At this year’s summit participants will be enhancing their skills and expertise through two days of professional development workshops including improving results through monitoring and evaluation and fundraising.

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In Accra key speakers include the director-general of the Ghana Education Service: Jacob Kor and the foundation and sustainability manager of Vodafone: Nana Yaa Afriyie Ofori-Koree.

In Nairobi, the event is organized is in partnership with the Kenya Publishers Association and includes key speakers such as the education advisor of DFID: Sandra Barton, the Senior representative of the Kenya National Literacy Initiative and the Deputy Director of Education Resources: Lucy Ogol. Worldreader CEO and Co-Founder, David Risher, will also be sharing insights into the current landscape and trends shaping the ICT and education industry in Africa.

Worldreader Partner Summit

To learn more about the Worldreader Digital Reading Summit, check out the full Accra and Nairobi agendas.

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