| October 14, 2014

Clinton Global Initiative Commitment: 5 Million People Reading Digitally


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Global leaders, organizations and companies of the world have descended upon New York City this week to tackle the world’s most pressing issues. In its tenth year, The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) has become “a network of people committed to the principle that, instead of just talking and learning about problems, we ought to do something about them” (President Bill Clinton, The Atlantic).

We’re proud to be part of this network too.

To fight global illiteracy and as our 2014 Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action, Worldreader has committed to providing more than 5 million people with access to digital books so that they can improve their lives. How will we do this? Using the simplest of technology: mobile phones. Six out of the seven billion people in this world have access to a working cell phone and we believe that every one of these cell phones can be turned a personal library.

We’re already well on our way to achieving this goal thanks to our partner biNu and will continue to work towards it through key partnerships with Microsoft Mobile, Pratham Books, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNHCR, Kenya’s Longhorn Publishing, and Penguin Random House.

Clinton Global Initiative - University, Dell Tech Lounge

To learn more about our commitment to fight illiteracy and to see how our partners are changing the world with us, see the Clinton Global Initiative press release.

We’re honored to be at the same place as so many inspiring and innovative organizations. Be sure to contact us if you’re attending and don’t forget to follow the live meeting sessions here.