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Children Share Their Favorite Summer Reads on BookSmart


Children's favorite books for the summer

Stories can be found everywhere – across continents, throughout countries, and among cultures. While books might not be physically accessible everywhere, children can find inspiring reads in the free digital library on our BookSmart app. Join us on a journey around the world as children share their favorite summer stories from BookSmart!

Where stories are made of magic


As Mayo from Ayacucho, Peru knows, reading is magical. The 11-year-old loves to explore the myths and legends of his home through books. His favorite book to read is a collection of stories called Magical Beings from Peru. His love for the book and reading – as well as his imagination – have continued to grow. Along with interesting tales of magical creatures like fairies, goblins, and elves, the book has brought new worlds to Mayo’s fingertips.

I like to read for the sake of reading, it makes me happy and opens the doors of a world that I would not dare to imagine if it were not for a book, since what I like to read the most are books of Peruvian legends and myths. – Mayo

How reading unites us


Books have the power to teach us empathy as we read stories about different people and perspectives. Jayla from West Virginia, United States has discovered how similar we all are through books. Her favorite book is Minu and Her Hair, which explores the experience of having big, beautiful hair.

When Jayla and her mother read the beloved story together, it reminded them of their family members who have the same hair. It helped them have important discussions about diversity and identity. The BookSmart app on her phone and the downloadable books available have been crucial to providing the family with opportunities to read no matter when or where they are.

Finding ourselves in stories


Reading can help us learn new things about ourselves. Abhay from Delhi, India has seen this through some of his favorite books. As the 8-year-old reads with his mother, he loves to find relatable characters that inspire him. His favorite story is The Talkative Tortoise. While he reads the story before bedtime, Abhay is able to meet characters that are like him. Books like these encourage the young reader to discover more fascinating stories and continue to learn about himself, all while gaining valuable reading skills and bonding with his family.

When books build us up


For Precious, reading has been a source of joy and encouragement. The 6-year-old from Nairobi, Kenya loves to explore the world of books and how they can help her achieve her goals. Precious’s favorite book is Pendo Our Cow, a story about caring for family and working hard to make things happen.

The book has taught her to dream big as she aspires to be a doctor in the future. Precious shows just how reading builds us up and shapes young minds. With the right stories, children can be empowered to reach their potential.

What dreams are made of


Stories help us discover new possibilities. Natasha, a 5th grader from Mamprobi, Ghana, has found that books inspire her to chase her dreams. Her favorite book, Ama’s Dream, tells a story of discovery and magic as a young girl explores her dreams and meets people who change her life. As Natasha reads with her father, she learns more about herself and others.

Ama’s Dream made me believe some dreams come true. I like painting flowers and everything natural for fun. I want to be an artist. A musician and a painter. – Natasha

From Peru to Kenya and the United States, children worldwide share the power of stories. Regardless of language or geography, books can build confidence and put young readers on the path towards a bright future.

No matter where you are, books make a difference. These children’s favorite stories inspire us to dream, explore, and find adventure everywhere. With the thousands of books available on BookSmart, children can be inspired to reach their potential. Stories like these shape young hearts and minds, fostering empathy, understanding, and a shared love for reading.

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