Booklists | May 25, 2023

BookSmart’s Best Children’s Books for Summer 2023


Book covers from the summer 2023 booklist

Across the world, many people are beginning to enjoy summer. It’s a time for beaches, backyards, butterflies – and books! Whether it’s adventures across the seas or a mountain breeze, we love stories that take us somewhere. School breaks often mean fewer opportunities to read and learn – and for under-resourced children and families, the summer slide is steeper. Make this summer one full of chances to explore new places, ideas, and perspectives by finding some of the best summer books around.

Even while children are out of school, they can still be learning, growing, and reading. The benefits are even better when families enjoy a summer book together – children and caregivers can bond, build empathy, and develop critical skills when school is out.

Spend some time reading during this sunny season with this list of great summer stories available on our BookSmart app! BookSmart is a free resource available anywhere so that all children can continue reading and living adventures through stories when school is out. These vacation recommendations are sure to bring a smile to young readers’ faces.

Trevon's Globe-Trotting Adventures

Trevon’s Globe-Trotting Adventures by Jordan Morrissette

Published by Young Authors Publishing

Ages 6-8

Trevon and his best friend Ray decide to go on an adventure in town. Ray dares his friend to go into a creepy antique shop. Trevon soon learns that this shop isn’t creepy but instead full of magic. Trevon’s Globetrotting Adventures allows readers to learn about the beauty of diversity and different cultures one page at a time.

► Go around the globe here.

The Hog Mollies and Troy's Top Troop

The Hog Mollies and Troy’s Top Troop by Amy Hoying, Ryan Miller, Megan McCabe, and Leah Thrush

Published by The 2nd & 7 Foundation

Ages 6-8

Troy can’t wait to start his summer reading club, Troy’s Top Troop. Unfortunately, some of his friends aren’t very excited about reading. Can Troy and the Hog Mollies convince their friends to join the club and discover all of the wonderful things about reading?

► Join the club here.

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The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book by Worldreader and Rudyard Kipling

Published by Worldreader Originals

Ages 6-8

Run wild in the jungles of India! This adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book centers on the story of Mowgli, a lost ‘man-cub’ who is raised by wolves. Join in his extraordinary adventures as he learns the Laws of the Jungle.

► Find family in nature here.

7 Days till Ice Cream

7 Days till Ice Cream (Makers Make it Work: Coding) by Bernardo Feliciano

Published by Kane Press (Astra Publishing House)

Ages 6-8

It’s Sunday—ice cream day! But sometimes the ice cream truck turns down a different street. Can Jerron, A.J., and Cha crack the ice cream man’s code? They want him to come their way!

► Chase down sweet treats here.

Sindiwe and the Fireflies

Sindiwe and the Fireflies by Cheréne Pienaar

Published by Book Dash

Ages 6-8

There once was a girl named Sindiwe Magona. She had a special gift for stories. At night, little Sindiwe’s grandmother told her magical stories about ogres and giants, animals of the forests, and the little creatures of the veld. This was Sindiwe’s favorite time. See how she grows up to live out her own adventures and travels over oceans to change the world with her stories.

► Follow the fireflies here.

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