| February 10, 2012

Book Love, Live From Uganda


It’s another big week for Worldreader: We officially kicked off a new program in Uganda!

We mentioned our Partner Program and  expansion plans a while back, and soon we’ll have more news about what’s happening and where we’re going next. Exciting stuff in the pipeline!

In the meantime, here are a few photos and a near real-time live feed from the ground. Worldreader’s Tina Tam and Dani Zacarias were at Humble United Methodist School, where Kindles and e-books got teachers and kids giggling with book love.

Quotes that made us smile:

Dave Norman, a member of the school management committee and pastor at the Crossroads United Methodist Church, the Asburn, Va. organization sponsoring the school: “What Worldreader has done is to empower the teachers and students to teach one and other…so we’re very honored to [be working] with Worldreader because we believe that’s the way that things really change… you’re empowered. You don’t need us. Worldreader is great because it expands your horizon… you have access to a whole world of books.”

Esther, the headmistress at the school: “I believe we’ve been given a gold gift. What other gift is better than the gift to help you further your education?”

Charles, a teacher: “When I used the e-reader I came across the story of the life of Obama. When he was a elementary school child he said he wanted to become President. When reading about such things, I want you to think about what you will become.”

Since we’ve chatting this up on Facebook and Twitter, we thought it would be worth creating a timeline of the kick-off. Here are the pre-launch story and the one from this week.