Digital Reading, People | February 11, 2021

“Before, He Was Too Shy To Read Aloud. . .”


This is 7-year-old Angelo and his mom, Lesly. They are from Chancay, a small city located North of  Lima, Peru. 

Because of Covid-19, Angelo hasn’t been to school in a very long time. That means Angelo would have gone without books, but supporters like you stepped up to change that.

With our digital library, Angelo has kept reading from his home. And his beaming mom can see the transformation: “Before, he was too shy to read out aloud. . .But I have seen the change: he can express himself better and his words flow.” Says Lesly.

Lesly has what moms want most: to see her child learn and to spend more quality time with him.

There are thousands more children that have kept reading thanks to supporters like you. Here are just a few of them:

“My favourite book is the Amarus because I like how they were born from a rainbow. And also the one with dragons. I love dragons.”

– Patrick, student

“He pays more attention and is learning new words. He’s even using the dictionary and practicing with crosswords!”

– Edith, Patrick’s grandma

“Before I didn’t know about the commas – the pause. Now I know how to read.” 

– Shirley, student

“I have learned important things. I discovered places, people, and cultures.”

– Josep, student

“The project has awakened the reading habit in these children.”

– Pedro, teacher