People | October 6, 2023

Ayisha’s Journey: Empowering Girls Through Reading


When one girl begins to read, she can change her whole community.



Ayisha always loved reading. When Worldreader joined forces with education nonprofit Achievers Ghana in 2014, the program and BookSmart finally gave her access to hundreds of free books. Now, she helps girls like her grow their love for reading.

Reading has helped Ayisha overcome a variety of challenges. Not only has she learned about new places, things, and cultures, but books have also helped her express herself better and speak more confidently. This has been especially beneficial as she studies Software Engineering at IPMC.

It has also helped her become a facilitator at the Achievers Ghana program in her community. The center’s activities draw in many girls who come after school each day. BookSmart has allowed Ayisha to reach these children and share the joy of reading.

Through the program, she helps a generation of young girls in her community grow and reach their potential.

“I believe it is through reading that we’ll be able to learn more and help our community to become better.” – Ayisha

Ayisha says that the most rewarding moment of promoting reading in her community is when she sees children reading books that they couldn’t read, identifying words that they previously weren’t able to identify, and being able to express themselves very well. Through promoting reading, she’s learned that involving everyone in a community is critical – as she states, “making positive change is a collective responsibility.”

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