| February 22, 2013

News from Nairobi


If you’ve been following Worldreader’s work, you’ll know that many of our launches have been in rural towns in Africa where books are practically nonexistent. Recently, though, we were able to help make a difference at an amazing school in Kenya’s capital.

In partnership with African Leadership, Inc., we just launched a project at New Dawn Educational Centre (NDEC) in Nairobi, Kenya’s pulsing capital and largest city. NDEC was founded in 2006 to address the lack of affordable and accessible secondary education in the nearby neighborhood and was an alternative for those students dropping out after finishing primary school. Today, the school primarily serves poor and/or orphaned children from the surrounding informal settlements of Huruma and Githogoro, students often marginalized on the fringe of society.

Through the project, like others we have launched, as many as 480 students, families and teachers will be able to access thousands of textbooks, storybooks and reference materials via their Kindles.  We’ll keep you posted as we get more news from the ground.

Hello – or should we say Jambo – Nairobi!

NDEC students and faculty celebrating the arrival of “Books for all.”