Booklists | December 22, 2023

7 Must-Read Fiction Books for 2024


Find the best children’s books to read in 2024 on BookSmart – embrace a new year of adventure, self-discovery, and laughs with these seven must-read fiction books.

Must-Read Fiction Book Covers

A new year often marks the start of new beginnings, dreams, and opportunities. Whether we hope to conquer our fears, discover our passions, or learn more about life as a whole this year, we hold anticipation for the future and the possibilities at our fingertips. A great way to celebrate our excitement for the future is by starting the year with great reads.

Reading cultivates curiosity, fosters emotional intelligence, and builds a strong sense of self. When children read fiction books, they dive into a whole new world that activates their imagination and helps them gain a new perspective on life. Through exposure to various stories and unique characters, young readers can apply lessons from books to their own lives, learning empathy and gaining unmatched excitement for the journey ahead.

With BookSmart, children can open the door of opportunity and achieve their potential. We collected seven exciting children’s books for the new year, ranging from adventure books to self-discovery and humor reads, that will inspire children to embrace new experiences in 2024 and explore the possibilities that await.

What If...?

What If…? by Cristy Zinn

Published by Book Dash

Ages 0-8

Nandi is wondering all sorts of strange things about the world. And it begins with a simple question: What if…?

► Explore a world of possibility with Nandi here.

A Book for Puchku

A Book for Puchku by Deepanjana Pal

Published by Pratham Books

Ages 6-8

Puchku has run out of books to read. Then she discovers more books on the top shelf of the library bookcase. But Puchku is small, and the bookcase is tall. How will she ever get to her beloved books? 

► Embark on a journey with Puchku here.

►  हिंदी में यहाँ पढ़े.

Amazing Daisy!

Amazing Daisy! by Nozizwe Herero

Published by Book Dash

Ages 6-8

On a little farm lives Daisy, a little chicken who wishes she could fly. All the other chickens laugh at her daily flying practice. But one day something amazing happens …

► Fly with Daisy here.

The Weightlifting Princess

The Weightlifting Princess by Sowmya Rajendran

Published by Pratham Books

Ages 6-8

Princess Nila is eager to win the Surya Championship, the famous weightlifting contest in her kingdom. But there are so many obstacles to overcome. Not least, a handsome prince and her parents’ expectations.

► Break down barriers with Princess Nila here.

The Marshmallow House

The Marshmallow House by Temi Díaz

Published by Inner Truth Books

Ages 6-8

Follow Andrés in this amazing story about everything you can build by using your creativity and authenticity.

► Help Andrés build his best self here.

Izzy Learns to Try

Izzy Learns to Try by Rosie Linder

Published by Worldreader, My Special Word

Ages 0-8

Special words are positive words that tell you, you can BE anything and DO anything. They make you feel LOVED and SPECIAL. Join Izzy the Owl and friends for a memorable day at the beach as they discover the power of the word TRY!

► Discover the power of effort here.

Amari's Bike Adventure

Amari’s Bike Adventure by Rollins Center for Language and Literacy

Published by Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students (GEEARS)

Ages 0-8

Amari really wants to ride her bicycle in the Lantern Parade on the Atlanta Beltline. But will she learn how to ride her bike without training wheels in time for the parade? Amari’s strong will and determination will inspire all readers to never give up.

► Ride along with Amari here.

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