Booklists | August 25, 2023

7 Books to Take Children on a New Adventure with Wild Friends


Help prepare children for new life adventures by reading these seven wild stories filled with exciting friends.

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We go on new adventures every day. Every time we try something different (from starting school to a new hobby), we experience perspectives, events, and ideas that we have never encountered before. Sometimes, it can even feel like we’re navigating a jungle! However, one of the best ways for children to brace themselves for exciting journeys into uncharted territories is by reading.

By exploring a variety of books, young readers can gain valuable skills. They can improve their emotional intelligence, learn about different people and perspectives, and become more comfortable with their own life stories. These abilities prepare children for new and exciting environments – including school! As many children around the world prepare to go back to school, books will inspire them to find adventures in everyday life as they have a roaring good time.

Thanks to our friends at Oxford University Press, we have an amazing new collection of books perfect for children to learn about their emotions, friends, and family. With the BookSmart app, young readers can discover new worlds through these seven stories that take us on adventures with some wild friends.

Into the Wild

Into the Wild by Thomas Docherty

Published by Oxford University Press

Ages 3-8

Joe loves wild things, but can’t find any in the city he lives in. When the Wild invites him to explore the night-time city, he is going to learn that nature can be found just about everywhere.

► Follow Joe into the wild here.

Little Tiger

Little Tiger by Oxford University Press

Published by Oxford University Press

Ages 3-8

Little Tiger loves to play, pounce and explore with his family. Sometimes his adventures can get him into a spot of trouble!

► Discover the adventures of tigers here.

Sunny and the Birds

Sunny and The Birds by Wendy Meddour

Published by Oxford University Press

Ages 3-8

Sunny and his family have recently moved to a new country. His dad is yearning for his old life, where collared doves cooed in the soft morning light and swallows swooped in the sunset. Sunny comes up with a plan to help his dad find joy in his new home.

► Learn how home is where the heart is here.

The Wild

The Wild by Yuval Zommer

Published by Oxford University Press

Ages 3-8

Full of marvel and wonder, this tale of wild things and places will help families everywhere to feel more connected to nature.

► Connect to your wild side here.

Wanna See a Penguin?

Wanna See a Penguin? by Simon Philip

Published by Oxford University Press

Ages 3-8

Join two friends on a wild penguin chase around the city! There are black-and-white animals at every turn – but are any of them really penguins? Can you spot the penguin hiding on every page?

► Find out where the penguins are here.

Between Night and Day

Between Night and Day by Sean Julian

Published by Oxford University Press

Ages 3-8

Pongo is a safe-in-the-day sort of orangutan, and Bulu is a cozy-at-night sort of bat. When they meet they strike up an unlikely friendship and each gets to see the world from the other’s point of view.

► Bring new friendships to light here.

Wanna See a Llama?

Wanna See a Llama? by Simon Philip

Published by Oxford University Press

Ages 3-8

Come on a llama chase with two friends around the city! There are wild and wacky animals to discover around every corner. But are any of them llamas? Can you follow the clues to where they might really be?

► Track down your own llama here.

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