Booklists | August 10, 2022

7 Books to Make Reading Time Count


Counting Book Covers

For many children, math can be a difficult topic. However, a great way to get students comfortable with numbers is through books! Entertaining stories can make math more manageable and encourage young readers to sharpen their counting skills in and out of school.

When counting is accompanied by vibrant narratives, children learn faster. Practice makes children more comfortable with math and multiplies their enjoyment. Especially when they begin early, young readers can gain confidence in their abilities and education.

When students read stories that emphasize math, counting is made easy as 1-2-3. To make using numbers a fun part of their routine, we’ve put together a list of 7 books from our BookSmart app. Add to your child’s reading and help them learn to count!

Albert Adds Up

Albert Adds Up (Mouse Math) by Eleanor May

Published by Kane Press (Astra Publishing House)

Ages 6-8

Wanda has brought home an awesome new book from the library—and Albert would trade anything for it! But will adding toy after toy get him any closer to the book?

► Help the mouse with math here.

Count on Pablo

Count on Pablo (Math Matters) by Barbara deRubertis

Published by Kane Press (Astra Publishing House)

Ages 6-8

Pablo is excited about helping his grandmother sell vegetables at the farmer’s market. But no one stops to buy any. Pablo’s solution is clever, delicious, and includes a real recipe!

► Cook and count with Pablo here.

Strength in Numbers Multiplication

Strength in Numbers: Multiplication (Akili and Me) by Ubongo International

Published by Ubongo International

Ages 6-8

The children and animals have gathered for a jump-rope competition. Ngedere seems like the sure winner, but the others have a plan up their sleeve. After all, there is strength in numbers!

► Leap through learning multiplication here.

► Leer en español aquí.

100 Things

100 Things (Read with Highlights) by Edna Cravitz

Published by Highlights

Ages 6-8

Sophie needs to bring in “100 things” for Day 100 at school. Follow her around the house as her grandma and Dad try to help her find what to bring.

► Follow the family fun here.

Stacks of Trouble

Stacks of Trouble (Math Matters) by Martha F. Brenner

Published by Kane Press (Astra Publishing House)

Ages 6-8

When Mike decides to take on the chore of washing dishes, he figures it’s easy. But when the dishwasher breaks, Mike learns how dirty dishes multiply—especially when he tries to avoid washing them!

► Learn about the danger of dirty dishes here.

Albert the Muffin-Maker

Albert the Muffin-Maker (Mouse Math) by Eleanor May

Published by Kane Press (Astra Publishing House)

Ages 6-8

Albert is making muffins—but he’s missing some ingredients! His friends are happy to share, but when Albert borrows more and more, it’s up to his big sister, Wanda, to help him find out what it really means to be “happy to share!”

► Make muffins with Albert here.

Counting Cats

Counting Cats by Nina Orange

Published by African Storybook Initiative

Ages 0-5

A counting book full of cats. Can you count all the cats as they appear around the house?

► Count cats around the house here.

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