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6 Free Children’s Books about Water


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The same way reading is foundational to education, water is foundational to life. It makes up 71% of our planet, 60% of our bodies, and 75% of our brains! The 22nd of March is World Water Day, a time to educate ourselves on the importance of water, advocate for responsible water use, and shine a light on those without easy access to clean water sources. 

These are big topics to cover with your reader, but our BookSmart app is filled to the brim with free children’s books about water that can help get the conversation flowing. 

Some of these books dive into the basics. Why is water so important? How can we protect it? Use our global library to learn how interaction with water can look different around the world. Follow a girl’s journey to collect water in East Indonesia or join a boy in Brazil in cleaning up a creek near his home. 

On World Water Day and every day, use these free children’s books to educate your readers on one of our most precious resources.

The Water Warrior

The Water Warrior by Ervina Hasibuan

Published by The Asia Foundation

Ages 6-8

In Nesa’s village, water is scarce during the dry season and people have to walk far to collect it. When her mother falls ill, Nesa must fetch water for the first time. Will she be able to bring some home by herself?

► Become a water warrior here.

Boondi's Story: Water

Boondi’s Story: Water (First Look Science) by Anushka Kalro, Rajasee Ray, Sankhalina Nath, Shubhangi Goel

Published by Tulika Publishers

Ages 6-8

Playful Boondi is a little drop of water who rolls and tumbles in the river. One hot day, he feels himself being lifted up, up, up into the sky into a big, heavy cloud. What now?

► Learn about the water cycle here.

I Am Water

I Am Water (New African Stories) by Thembinkosi Kohli

Published by New Africa Books

Ages 6-8

A book for children which teaches them the value of water and how to take care of it.

► Discover the importance of water here.

To Clean a Creek

To Clean a Creek (Changemakers) by Olivia Wood

Published by Worldreader and Ashoka

Ages 6-8

To Clean a Creek is inspired by the true story of a young boy in Brazil who was saddened by the trash in and around the river near his home. Determined to take action, he inspired the people in his community to work together to clean up the river and restore the natural beauty of the area.

► Find out how to spark change here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Where Did the Water Go?

Where Did the Water Go? (Safari Adventure Series: Giraffe Stories Level F) by Sandra Neil Wallace, Rich Wallace

Published by David Waweru

Ages 6-8

The water is running low. The animals are getting thirsty. Where will they get water? Will Shingo help?

► See how valuable water is to wildlife here.

Water, Little Water / Agua, agüita

Water, Little Water / Agua, agüita by Jorge Tetl Argueta

Published by Arte Público Press

Ages 6-8

This bilingual poem reminds readers that water is life. At the end of the book, readers will find the poem written in Nahuat, the language of the Pipil-Nahua people of El Salvador. 

► Uncover the beauty of water here.

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