Booklists | June 21, 2022

6 Far Out Children’s Books About Outer Space


Outer Space Books from BookSmart

Books are a great way to take children to places they have never been—like outer space! Teaching children about both the world we live in and the universe around us can help develop their curiosity and interest in learning. Start readers on their mission to grow by introducing stories about the solar system, space technology, and even the seasons!

There are many ways these science books can show children how stellar Earth and outer space are. Become friends with the Mars Opportunity Rover, get to know a real astronaut, and learn about traveling the universe. These books bring readers on fun adventures through the galaxy, encouraging them to dream, explore, and aim for the moon. Through these thrilling descriptions and stories, future scientists will be inspired to reach for the stars!

To rocket our readers to new heights, we’ve created a list of 6 books from the BookSmart app. Helping children discover new ideas can spark their creativity and imagination. Encourage them on their journey with these galactic reads!

Astronaut Training

Astronaut Training by Aneta Cruz

Published by Astra Young Readers (Astra Publishing House)

Ages 6-8

Join Astrid on a galactic adventure throughout the universe as she discovers that knowing when to ask for help may be just what an astronaut-in-training needs to reach the stars.

► Become an astronaut in training here.

Good Night, Oppy!

Good Night, Oppy! by James McGowan

Published by Astra Young Readers (Astra Publishing House)

Ages 6-8

Learn all about the Mars Opportunity Rover “Oppy” in this dynamic story of the space exploration robot’s time on the red planet and how it works.

► Discover the red planet here.

Bhoomi's Story Space

Bhoomi’s Story: Space (First Look Science) by Anushka Kalro, Rajasee Ray, Sankhalina Nath, and Shubhangi Goel

Published by Tulika Publishers

Ages 6-8

Teach your children about the solar system, moon, stars, and more with Bhoomi as she lives in space. Fun drawings and a sweet story about friends will help kids learn about outer space.

► Explore the solar system here.

The Cosmic Climate Invention

The Cosmic Climate Invention (Mad Genius Eco-Inventor Series) by Jona David

Published by Voices of Future Generations

Ages 6-8

Meet the Eco-Inventor Boy and his little brother: two siblings that love science, technology, and crazy inventions! This time, join them in their outer space adventure to fix our climate.

► Embark on a space adventure here.

From Farmworker to Astronaut

From Farmworker to Astronaut: My Path to the Stars by José M. Hernández

Published by Arte Público Press

Ages 9-12

Hernández’s amazing journey from toiling in a field of cucumbers to floating among a field of stars is a powerful tale of perseverance. This account of triumph over adversity may successfully ignite the same drive in other kids.

► Get to know a real astronaut here.

► Leer en español aquí.

The Reason for the Seasons

The Reason for the Seasons by Ellie Peterson

Published by Astra Young Readers (Astra Publishing House)

Ages 6-8

We all know there are four seasons in a year. But how do we know? Join intrepid young scientist-adventurer Joulia Copernicus on a journey around the world as she explains with humor how we know what causes the seasons.

► Learn about the seasons here.

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