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6 Children’s Books About Healthy Living


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When children build the right habits, they reap a lifetime of benefits. Capitalizing on nutrition, hygiene, and exercise is known to improve brain and body function– as well as happiness! Although some of these practices may come naturally to children, many of them need to be learned and developed over time. Since reading regularly is one of our favorite healthy habits, a collection of engaging books is the perfect place to start.

Vibrant illustrations and enthralling stories make learning about topics like teeth brushing and vegetable munching easy and fun. Whether you’re instilling simple daily practices or educating your child on diseases like COVID-19, books are an enjoyable way to teach children the importance of health and wellbeing.

We’ve created a list of 6 books about healthy living from the BookSmart app. Reading these (or any of the stories in our app) will not only promote strong physical health, but cognitive health as well.  These free digital reads are sure to get children excited about moving outside, fueling up with fresh foods, and practicing good hygiene.

Good Food to Make Me Strong Cover

Good Food to Make Me Strong by Ubongo International

Published by Ubongo International

Ages 6-8

Ever wonder where food comes from? Little Lion can’t wait to find out, and it’s just his luck that Mr. Cow offers to show him. Learn all about how food is created and why it’s good for your body in this Akili and Me story. 

► Read it in English here

► Leer en español aquí.

Staying Fit and Healthy Cover

Staying Fit and Healthy with Rita and Friends by Dolphin Press

Published by Dolphin Press

Ages 6-8

Rita and her friends can’t agree on what staying fit and healthy means. So, they each decide to create their own list. Tim writes a guide on how to sleep well. Rita makes a chart on how to be hygienic. And, in the end, they find themselves with a pretty impressive project. This intermediate book is a great resource for teaching kids what holistic health looks like and what they can do to take care of themselves. 

► Read it here.

Walking Together Cover

Walking Together by Jade Mathieson

Published by Book Dash

Ages 6-8

Join a young girl and her mother on their adventurous walk to the clinic. In this heartwarming picture book, you’ll find singing, rain, and funny animals. And, best of all, you’ll be reassured that walks and doctor visits aren’t so scary or dull after all.

► Read it here.

First Big Book of Vegetables Cover

My First Big Book of Vegetables by Dolphin Press

Published by Dolphin Press

Ages 0-5

Help your children become familiar with common vegetables and their spelling with this Big Book of Vegetables. The vibrant photographs on every page are perfect for capturing the attention of young readers while making sure that they develop critical communication skills. 

► Read it here.

I Care About My Body Cover

I Care About My Body by Liz Lennon

Published by Crabtree

Ages 6-8

Your body is amazing. That’s why it’s so important to take proper care of it. But how? This helpful guide will tell you everything you need to know. When and how should you wash your hands? What should you do when you feel sick? This beginner’s book will provide you with answers to these questions and many more!

► Read it in English here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Let's Play Yoga!

Let’s Play Yoga! by by Márcia De Luca and Lúcia Barros

Published by The Experiment

Ages 6-8

A playful, exuberantly illustrated book that introduces yoga to kids with simple postures and techniques to foster a calm mind and healthy body.

► Read it here.

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