Booklists | November 8, 2023

6 Books to Help Children Foster Kindness


Celebrate World Kindness Day by helping children learn to be kind and inspiring compassion in every chapter of their lives with these six books.

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Kindness is everywhere. From holding a door open for a stranger to caring for a loved one, there are endless opportunities to be kind each day. In order to grow, we need to understand how to treat others and ourselves with respect – what better way to learn than through reading?

Reading can help children kickstart their social-emotional learning journeys. When children read, they learn how to process their own feelings and gain an understanding of the rich world around them. By spreading kindness, children can develop friendships and community while contributing to a more positive world.

With BookSmart, caregivers can choose from a variety of books that help teach children how to be kind. From friendly rhymes to a race through space, these 6 books are perfect to celebrate World Kindness Day while illustrating the true value of kindness and encouraging young readers to approach life with a helping hand.

Be a Bridge

Be a Bridge by Irene Latham and Charles Waters

Published by Lerner Publishing Group

Ages 0-5

Upbeat rhyming verses and colorful illustrations of a diverse group of students invite readers to “be a bridge” by taking actions that foster inclusion, respect, and connection.

► Find out how you can “be a bridge” here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Space Race

Space Kids: Space Race by Jon Groves

Published by Worldreader Originals

Ages 6-8

Join Uma and her friends as they race against the cunning Dark Side Crew in the thrilling Space Race at Moon Station Alpha. Through challenges and unexpected turns, they learn the power of unity and compassion, proving that even in the vastness of space, friendship shines the brightest. This heartwarming tale blends excitement, strategy, and cosmic wonder to inspire young readers with its universal values.

► Journey through space here.

Love (Big Words for Little People)

Love (Big Words for Little People) by Helen Mortimer

Published by Oxford University Press

Ages 0-5

How do you put that special feeling called love into words? This book will help children discover the words they need to talk about their feelings and fill our world with love.

► Learn how to express love and kindness here.

A Home of Our Own

A Home of Our Own by Meghaa Gupta

Published by Tulika Publishers

Ages 6-8

Sunehri and her friends decide to play house. They put together some old plates and bowls, empty packets of chips, plastic bottles, a broken helmet… things they’ve collected from the streets. The game loved by children everywhere takes on a new layer when played by those who have never known a home.

► Read about how a game of house becomes a home for many here.

Kindness, A Very Special Word

Kindness, A Very Special Word by Zorana Rafailovic

Published by My Special World

Ages 6-8

Special words are positive words that tell you, you can BE anything and DO anything. They make you feel LOVED and SPECIAL. Penny is sad. No one wants to play with her. She goes to Benny to help her figure out why. And then she discovers the word “kindness”. Will this word put a spin in her day and make her feel happy again?

► Discover the meaning of kindness here.

► Leer en español aquí.

The Colour of Love

The Colour of Love by Ntombizanele Nkence

Published by New Africa Books

Ages 6-8

A story about the power of goodness and kindness, and a lifelong friendship.

► Explore the colors of compassion here.

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