Booklists | May 15, 2022

5 Children’s Books to Celebrate International Day of Families


World Families Day at Worldreader

Before we even begin to build a better world, our families help build us. Similar to books, families mold and shape so much of who we are and who we strive to be. Families contain some of our very first teachers, which is why reading together as a family is so important.

Reading with your children outside of school gives them a head start, builds a strong bond, and enforces creativity. By choosing books with powerful topics like conservation, female empowerment, and diversity, you’re sure to cultivate rich family discussions as well.

On this International Day of Families, we’ve chosen a list of BookSmart books that celebrate the people closest to us. It’s important for children to understand that families look different from each other — not just country to country, but door to door. In these reads, explore diverse family dynamics, relationships rooted in culture and tradition, magical sister mind connections, and all of the things that make families spectacular.

I Care About My Family Book Cover

I Care About My Family by Liz Lennon

Published by Crabtree

This important book helps children understand families— what makes them unique and what makes them operate effectively. Learn how to navigate conflict within a family and how to care for them as well. What is a family tree? Why do families change sometimes? Answer these questions and more in this dynamic read.

► Read it in English here.

► Leer en español aquí.

All Kinds of Families Book Cover

All Kinds of Families by Anita Ganeri

Published by Crabtree

There are all kinds of families. Families can be big or small and they can change over time. Some families live together and others live apart. In every family, there are people who love each other. Who’s in your family?

► Read it in English here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Giggi and Daddy Book Cover

Giggi and Daddy by Richa Jha

Published by Pickle Yolk Books

There’s a story Giggi’s daddy tells her every day. It’s about a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a whole lot of everything. And it all begins when Giggi wasn’t even born. Dig into this charming, chucklesome book that has oodles of daddy-daughter love.

► Read it here.

Sisters' Mind Connection Book Cover

The Sisters’ Mind Connection by Allison Hazel Liévano Gómez

Published by Voices of Future Generations

This is the story of three siblings who love each other very much: Michelle, Clara, and Jorge. Michelle can’t speak, so one day Clara and Jorge create a machine that connects their minds! Everything seems to be going great until Michelle gets really scared of their invention. That’s when the siblings discover an important truth about communication.

► Read it in English here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Folktales From Around the World

Folktales From Around the World by Ellen Wettersten

Published by Highlights

These folktales are from many different cultures but are related by similar ideas and themes. Some tales explore the topic of trust and some show how friends and family members can help to keep hope alive.

► Read it here.

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